Sugar-Free Living

Shape offers a range of sugar-free sweeteners from Adcock Ingram Healthcare called Suganon. We have two primary sweeteners in our range of products, Xylitol granules and Sodium Saccharin tablets. 

"Sweet By Nature"

Our products contain lower kilojoules than sugar, which makes them perfect as part of calorie and or sugar – controlled eating plans. They are suitable for people with diabetes.

In addition, our products are Aspartame and Cyclamates free. Our products truly are “Sweet By Nature”.

Live a more healthy lifestyle today...

Shape and Shape Suganon products can be used to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle overall, and are diabetic friendly.

More Benefits

Use both the Shape meal replacements shakes and the Shape Suganon products together. Using them together as part of a healthy lifestyle and overall eating plans, can only better one’s results helping you on your journey on your new shape!

Our Products

Enjoy your favourite sweet treats without the sugar

Use Shape Suganon Xylitol for all your dessert and baking needs. Opt for our sweetener tablets in your coffee, teas and delicious ice-cold beverages.

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