The Symptoms of Early Onset Diabetes

The Symptoms of Early Onset Diabetes

Do You Know The Symptoms Of Early Onset Diabetes?
Heard of an Aha moment? That instant where you go, “Aha, I need to do something different.” Sometimes our bodies help us achieve new insights about change. They give us the key by talking rather insistently, until we say, “Aha, I get it.” Scan through this fact sheet on Type 1 Diabetes to determine whether it might be time to make a shift, because studies have shown that increased sugar correlates positively to diabetes rates.

A whisper, not a shout

Type 1 Diabetes is a condition wherein your blood sugar is higher than normal. It occurs when your body is unable to use the hormone insulin to shift glucose (sugar) from your blood to your cells for energy. Sometimes there are no symptoms. You don’t have to be overweight. In fact rapid weight loss is often observed.

Have you noticed any of these other warning signs?

Excessive urination and thirst

As your body tries to flush out excess sugar, you find that you make more frequent trips to the bathroom. Water is being pulled out of your tissues, leading to enormous thirst. Drinking sugary drinks in response exacerbates the problem.

Extreme hunger and fatigue

Without optimal insulin function, your body is unable to carry glucose from your blood to your cells. You have broken down the carbohydrates you ate, but there is no fuel delivery. You’re exhausted, your cells starve and hunger hormones are triggered. This can result in over-eating sugary foods which causes blood sugar levels to rocket further.

Tingling, delayed healing and blurry vision

As excess sugar damages the nerves, numbness or pins and needles can occur in your hands and feet. Blood thick with sugar results in poor circulation and so cuts and bruises are slow to heal. Fluid is pulled from the eye lenses, creating dry eyes and an inability to focus. Eye damage can occur.

These signs are serious and it’s imperative to hear your body’s call before further harm is done. The good news is that a sugar alternative lifestyle doesn’t need to mean deprivation. Suganon offers great-tasting products which do not raise blood glucose or insulin levels and are helpful to diabetics. They also add multiple health benefits. So if you are still symptom-free, you can make a choice for you and your family to stay that way today.